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The Product Development Process

Our suite of tools, focus on developing a holistic product experience that delights and fulfils consumer needs in order to become a main stay in their repertoire.


Early innovation stages should define success factors to create compelling products. Understanding consumer needs provides a clear target, leading to efficient and effective development.​


Commercial creativity is a core MMR value and a vital client development phase. It transforms ideas into tangible concepts packs and products, involving consumers and aiming for accurate development.​


For over 30 years we have been actively engaged in consulting clients on how to optimize concepts, product formulations, packaging, and claims for maximum impact for both new and existing products.


Confirm launch readiness! We provide clarity on all aspects of the proposition, such as packaging, concept, price, and product. It's crucial to understand your product's potential holistically, not in isolation.​ ​


Post launch, monitor your products performance across its life-span and understand how to maximize your potential. Either through identifying opportunities to improve, reacting to consumer trends, or confronting issues related to product feasibility.

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