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We are passionate innovators dedicated to revolutionizing the product testing landscape.

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Backed by MMR Research's 30+ years of global expertise in consumer product testing, we combine expertise, scientific precision, and advanced technology to deliver actionable insights and streamline your product development process.


Make confident decisions with our platform-based science-backed solutions, use case tailored reporting, and data analysis tools. With Product Hub, you receive bulletproof, actionable insights that you can rely on.

Using our decades of expertise,
our mission is to make product testing
accessible and empower our partners to
build better products for consumers.

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Our Team

Product Hub is comprised of industry experts, data scientists, and technology enthusiasts who are committed to providing you with a seamless and efficient testing experience. We understand the challenges of navigating complex research processes and aim to simplify and expedite your journey from concept to market.

Global Head of Product Hub


Dan has worked in consumer insights for 14 years, most of it spent developing, launching and delivering technology enabled research solutions for FMCG clients.

As Global Head of Product Hub, Dan sets the platform's strategy and oversees our global operation, ensuring we deliver on our promise of making product and sensory research easy for innovators. 

Tech Lead & Principal Engineer


Tony holds a degree in computing and has seven years of experience developing complex cloud-based technology solutions for market research. 

At Product Hub, he is the mastermind behind our platform's architecture, leading MMR's development team forward and delivering high-end tech solutions.

Director or Product Testing Excellence


Simon has been testing products with MMR for nearly 20 years, across all stages of the innovation cycle and across all our major geographies!

Simon is the method guru behind Product Hub, he brings his wealth of experience and expertise in designing bespoke product tests, to create standardized approaches, protocols and outputs that allow Product Hub to deliver a comprehensive range of DIY product testing tools.

Growth Strategy Director


A seasoned consultant with 20+ years of experience  15 years of which are in SaaS/software and analytics across diverse sectors (US, EMEA, APAC). 

Dominic joined Product Hub as he is passionate about the growth of automation and DIY software adoption, empowering businesses to achieve digital transformation, workplace modernization and process improvement and he is here to build the best client partnerships.

Customer Success Director


With a background in Marketing Business and Economics, Tasneem has a keen understanding of user needs and aspiration and is passionate about making a positive impact. Her journey in market research has been driven by curiosity and a dedication to uncovering valuable insights, always fostering strong relationships.

At Product Hub, she ensures every client interaction is exceptional. Her commitment to customer satisfaction drives her to deliver results that promote success and growth for clients and their businesses.

Customer Success Manager


With a Business Management background, Simone has 3+ years of experience working as a quant researcher at MMR, and has helped a wide range of US-based FMCG clients with their product, branding and marketing strategies.

Simone makes sure our users utilize the platform at its full potential and is there to guide them through their research journey to achieve their objectives.

Product Manager


Alex is trained in Social Psychology, Data Analysis, and Behavioural Economics at an MSc level and holds a Professional Certificate in Product Management. 

With previous experience in both FMCG and tech startups, Alex is making sure that Product Hub delivers the best experience to its users and stays at the forefront of ResTech.

Operations Manager


With a decade of market research experience, with a particular focus on fieldwork management for the last 6 years, Sasha has a solid understanding of fieldwork processes and of best practices in overseeing complex projects across different markets. 

Sasha ensures that Product Hub fieldwork runs smoothly and that MMR is working with the best agencies in all our respective markets and delivers the best data quality to our clients. 

Operations Director


With 20+ experience in end-to-end supply chain management, Chris is passionate about keeping operations smooth, efficient, and safe. 

At Product Hub, Chris is making sure that our Product Handling centers provide the best possible services for our iHUT projects across the globe. 

Senior Business Analyst


Robyn holds two degrees in STEM and brings with her a wealth of market research experience. 

She is one of MMR's senior analysts and over the last year helped to design the Product Hub system from scratch. At Product Hub, Robyn assures that our documentation is always up to date and that the development team gets all the relevant details from the product team in order to build the best system.

Full-Stack Developer


Lukas holds a level 3 diploma in software development and has 3 years of experience working within a market research based software environment.

As a back-end developer for Product Hub, he has expertly managed server-side logic and database interactions, ensuring seamless integration and robust performance.

Front-End Developer


Chris possesses a degree in Physics and boasts 10 years of experience in programming market research.

As a front-end developer, he demonstrates a keen eye for detail ensuring the site meets the design requirements. He achieves this through his passion for CSS which enables him to create dynamic design solutions that fit our users' needs.

Senior QA Tester


Angélica holds a degree in Marketing and Advertising and has more than 6 years of experience in QA Testing on websites, and market studies platforms such as MMR's Core and Product Hub.

To quote: 'I am the Senior QA Tester in Product Hub, I am always trying to find bugs and break the code 😝'

Sensory Experience Director


Phiala has a Social Science PhD and a first degree in Food Science.  She has worked at MMR for more than 25 years founding the first MMR Sensory Science Panel in 2007.
Her passion is in understanding product experience and the role that sensory panels can play in unpacking the objective sensory touchpoints that form part of every interaction with products.

Phiala works within the Innovation team at MMR, pushing the boundaries of sensory and creating AI-fuelled sensory resources, and bringing the latest innovations to Product Hub

Head of Data Science


As Data Science Strategy lead, Paul has 25 years of senior research experience (12 years at MMR) working across numerous FMCG/CPG projects across categories and personally specializing in bespoke quantitative NPD research solutions, data analytics design and sales forecasting. 

Paul is making sure that any and all Product Hub statistical solutions are ready to deliver accurate and impactful results.