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Value engineering 2

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Value Engineering

Validate changes to an in-market product don’t risk adversely affecting the consumer experience and sales performance.

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CLT & IHUT; 2 products - new versus current;

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Renovating successful in-market products poses big risks! Alienating existing users as the result of a change in the product experience can have huge ramifications, from sparking a social media frenzy through to driving a decline in sales.

Our Value Engineering tool is rigorously designed to evaluate the impact that a renovation, such as a cost of goods reduction or switch of an ingredient supplier or manufacturing process, has on the consumer experience and whether there is a risk of a negative behavior change as a result; i.e., a risk your consumers will switch to another brand!

This approach assesses whether any change in the product experience is acceptable, or not. If your goal is that the change should not be detectable then talk to us about our range discrimination testing tools. 

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